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Why Choose WinGo for your next game production?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Game production is a complicated process. As a responsible game manufacturer, WinGo guarantees that your games will be made precisely to your needs–we will continuously make adjustments until we get your satisfaction or charge no fee!


Time is money. The sooner you can get a quote, the quicker your games can sell. WinGo guarantees quoting within five days, fully itemized so you can see the cost breakdown and adjust your budget.

Design and Development

Is your game designed and ready to be produced? WinGo offers game production consulting for every stage of the process. Remember, our game development wizards are always ready to help.

Lead Time

Most game manufacturers have lead times of between 60 to 80 days. With WinGo you don't have to wait that long. We have the best in the industry of only 35 days.

Free Bonus Game Products

Free Spares for Your Order
WinGo offers you things better than discounts. 1% extra copies of the ordered quantity will be provided. All remaining components in production, up to 3% of your shipment will also be provided free of charge. This will fully cover your needs of sales.

We’re gamers

Some printers only print. At WinGo, everyone is a certified board game geek harboring great love for game. We believe that being a gamer, we can transform our fixation with game into the pursuit of quality products. If you are also a gamer, i believe we can get each other in our cooperation.


WinGo's crowdfunding teams have involved in more than 30 successful crowdfunding projects gathering over $4 million. We can offer the following services to you.

The Chinese Market

China is the fastest-growing market in the world. Entering the Chinese market can be tricky without a right partner. WinGo can help you penetrate the Chinese market with its translation and distribution services in China.

Emergency Printing

WinGo has emergency printing service to help when you find yourself bombarded by deadlines of significant sales events or unexpected orders. We'll set our machines to work just for you, even on the weekend.

What Our Customers Say About Our Service

WinGo Games

Letiman Games LLC

"It has been a pleasure working with WinGo. They have produced two games for me now and both have been top quality, reasonably priced, and the customer service for the production has been superb. I am not even considering another company for my next game as I have been extremely happy with the services they have provided me. I cannot recommend them enough."

Dan Letzring

Charm City Games

"Runecast would not look as beautiful as it does were it not made by WinGo. Since the beginning of this project, Charm City Games second Kickstarter, WinGo has helped answer any questions that arose during the manufacturing process. The sales team at WinGo, and my rep Ivan, have been in constant contact with me during the entire process and we have formed a business relationship and friendship throughout the process. The level of personal attention and intimate understanding of game manufacturing at WinGo is far greater than their competitors. WinGo provided not only the best quote I received, but also were able to adjust the quote and work with me to get the manufacturing costs for Runecast within my Kickstarter budget. I will be working with WinGo for all upcoming board games I produce."

Matt Voss

TheHoodedMan Ltd

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Creative Director

Ghoulash Games

"The shipment arrived today! We couldn't be more thrilled and happy. The quality of the card sets was better than we had anticipated. The colors just pop from the background, which is what I wanted. The upgrade to the thicker paper and coatings was well worth the cost. And, truth told, I did not know the decks and the boxes would be shrink-wrapped. What a great surprise! Thank you so much for your attention to our project and for your patience as my anxiety got the better of me." Mike Suchcicki"

Mike Suchcicki

Editor, Nicotext

"We have worked with WinGo for over 10 years and are very pleased with their skill and specialized and careful work. Even if we are situated in different time zones then communication works really well, and WinGo always does their best to help us with every new project."

Mrs.Sara Starkström

Saved Game, Lda

"With a very restricted budget and timeline and low knowledge of the production process itself, we eventually took a chance on WinGo, and we are pleased to say that it was a success. On behalf of our company, we’d like to thank you for all your hard work and we hope we can do business again in the future. "

David Costa

"WinGo is a fantastic company to work with and I'm very happy to have found them as I was working to complete my Kickstarter for the WEB OF SPIES board game. Not only were they very responsive, but also patient and helpful throughout the process. I could not have achieved such high quality without them. Communication was excellent and they were quick to surface any issues that arose, which allowed me to keep my backers informed and happy, and ultimately ship the game on schedule! I cannot recommend them enough, and I look forward to printing my next game using their services."

Cole Medeiros


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WinGo Industry ltd, established in 1992, took shape from its paper printing business. It was transformed into a professional board game manufacturer in 2008 by CEO Leon, being named officially as WinGo. WinGo is an international manufacturer of tabletop games, plastic miniatures and other game accessories covering the services of production, distribution and sales.

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