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Our New Factory

We went from a measly 2000m skinny factory to a massive 6000m.

You would expect triple the capacity means tripling the number of games manufactured…The truth is that we can bring it even more.Storage, prototyping, machinery, craftmanship, space to us, means efficiency.

The capacity to craft your game is guaranteed.


We rallied our forces.

Management has been buffed significantly, bringing with it new ambitions and visions.

Our operating strength was doubled to pilot our new behemoth of a workspace. Now, we can ensure the party is always performing at its fullest, with well-rested members ready to go and those running low on stamina resting. This is following the production of some large scale products, where we realised that our capacity might prove to be insufficient.

Compromising quality was not an option, thus the decision was made to upscale for the long term. This way, we can make sure every project lives up to both the client’s and our own expectations.

We tiered up our gear.

Besides acquiring more machines to speed up production, our production lines have gone fully automated, with staff being repurposed to doing quality check and quality assurance. 

That being said, handcrafted work remains crucial and irreplaceable, with our skilled professionals still perfecting your game to its finest detail.

Location. Location. Location.

Our office used to be at least a 30 minutes drive away from the factory, meaning our technical response team had to make the arduous journey to the factory when a problem arose.

With our new headquarters, the factory is a literal stone’s throw away from the office. Many of our staff members also live around the area. 

Becoming more efficient is definitely an understatement.

Drop us a quote to get your game produced by this new and improved factory!

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