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WinGo Factory: We're doing strict protection to ensure safety production

The COVID-19 virus in China has been effectively controlled so far, and WinGo Factory is located of HuiZhou, Guangdong province. All 62 patients were cured and have had "Zero" new cases for about 1 month so far. After that we’re still keeping the strict protection to ensure safety production.

All WinGo’s employees who had left the HuiZhou city before returning to work were strictly quarantined from their homes for 14 days. Each day, every person who enters the factory have to take their temperature and check their health. Government officials also come regularly to check whether our anti-epidemic measures are in place, and pay complete attention to the health of everyone.

We have never been lax in epidemic prevention work. The strict epidemic prevention and safety production have always ranked first. At the same time, we’re doing all we can to ensure that all customer’s orders are not affected. We’re delivering products on time and have the highest quality.

We want to say to all of our customers, if you have any needs, such as masks or other help, please contact us directly, we will do our best to help you.

Though separated by mountains and rivers, we share one moon under the same sky.

WinGo Team

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